Case Study: Image SEO parctices

Image SEO practices to make your content more discoverable: 

1. Use relevant alt text for images: Alt text is the copy that you describe an image. For example, if you right click on a image and click on inspect,


This is what you will get. Alt-text plays two critical roles in SEO.

First, alt text — also known as alt tags, or alt descriptions — helps search engine crawlers index your website more effectively, which has a positive effect on search results. 

Second, alt text improves the user experience.

2.Consider using captions to describe an image: Captions aren’t typically necessary if the context of the page can help readers understand what the image is depicting — for instance, in this blog post I haven’t used any captions because I’ve used text to introduce each image I’ve shown.

3. Compress images for a shorter load time: This is one of the key metrics which determine the rankings of the website. Faster the website loading time, better the user experience, for both smartphones and desktop computers. In this, image sizes play a key part, and it usually is, the shorter the image size, the better. 

4. Add images to an existing sitemap: Google suggests adding images to an existing sitemap – or creating a new sitemap for images. This helps search engines to discover your images, which are especially helpful when Google can’t find them through crawling. 

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